Made New CO

equipping women in our community to live stronger lives and make money with dignity.

So many women are hurting around us. Many of them see very few options for their lives. And in today’s world it is increasingly difficult for them to find jobs and secure a reliable source of income.

That's where Made New changes lives.

Made New Co operates alongside ReBuild for the purpose of equipping women in our community to live stronger lives and to make money with dignity.

The process is a tried and true one. Every other week a class is taught at Rebuild on a specific handmade skill. Each woman is provided the supplies needed along with the knowledge on how to make that week’s particular item. Once completed, each item is then listed on Etsy or put into a local store to sell. 60% of the profit made from those sales go directly to the woman who crafted the item, with the remainder going towards business costs and back to ReBuild.

There are few things better than being able to pay a friend for work well done, all the while spending life together. Not only is there power in creating something with your own hands, we believe fully in all that community can do. The name Made New was chosen not only to highlight the things we’re able to make, but also because Christ in His power is making each of us new and whole again through fellowship with Him and with others. Through each step we get to spend time together, building each other up in the process. We all grow as a result. Lives are changed one moment at a time.