You Can Make a difference

each of us doing our part can change lives

You can be part of the solution.

Every mountain, no matter how large, is slowly eroded away by the smallest drops of rain. Likewise, the issues of this area will only be truly changed by impacting the lives of those who live here. Each one doing their part for the good of others

What is my part? How can I help?

Well, you can pray

God has brought us here for a time like this. Only through His power and strength will we experince meaningful change. Join with us in asking that He continues to open doors and provide opportunities for us to reflect his love to everyone we come in contact with.

You can donate.

As a 501(c)(3) West Virginia corporation, your tax-deductable donation to ReBuild will not only facilitate change, but also provide you tax savings. Whether an on going or a one-time contribution, we will always strive to be good stewards of all that you choose to entrust to us.

And you can get involved.

The needs may vary from time to time, but anyone can contact us directly to find out what the opportunity of the moment looks like. Call Paul Law @ 304-638-1097 or Renee Law @ 304-633-2631 and let them know you would like to help today!